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JungUm Global Viewer

JungUm Global Viewer

  • This is the latest version of JungUm Global Viewer where security has improved.
  • Press Download button to install the upgrade JumgUm Global Viewer.
JungUm Global 60 Days Trial Version

JungUm Global 60 Days Trial Version

  • The latest version of JungUm Global adds enhanced security and more convenience features.
  • All functions except for translation are available without restriction for 60 days.

JungUm Global Trial Version Requirements

Install file size :
Necessary HDD :
Supports OS environment :
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


  • ※ Translation is not supported in the trial version of JungUm Global.
  • ※ JungUm Global trial version can not update to license version.
JungUm2XP Converter

JungUm2XP Converter

  • The JungUm2XP Converter convert the JungUm Global documents to Hunmin
  • Word XP documents. Anyone can download JungUm2XP Converter.
Translation Pack

Translation Pack

  • Input the issued code and download the JnngUm Global translation pack.
  • In order to install the translation pack, JungUm Global program must be installed on your PC.